Stages for Regathering
     The ministry leadership at E.B.C. has been working diligently to put together a plan for regathering. In light of the recently updated health dept. recommendations, we will begin gathering in the sanctuary for worship this Sunday morning.
     However, we realize that there are those who still have valid health concerns about gathering with a large group. Therefore, beginning May 24th, we will have a 9:00 AM Drive-In Service AND a 10:30 AM Service in the sanctuary.
     If you are in the “vulnerable population” category and would feel more comfortable with a little extra distance, we recommend that you attend the Drive-In Service or join us through our YouTube channel.
     If you are planning to attend the 10:30 AM Sanctuary Service, please drive in from the library side of the property and plan to park in the back parking lot just in case the Drive-In Service is still in progress.
Stages for Regathering
    • Current Pre-Stage – 10:00am Drive-In Sunday Service
    • Stage 1a – May 24th & May 31st (9:00 AM Drive-In Service & 10:30 AM Service in Sanctuary)
    • Stage 1b – (Date To Be Determined) A.M. Sanctuary Service Only
    • Stage 2 – (Date To Be Determined) Add Wednesday & Sunday P.M. Services in Sanctuary
    • Stage 3 – (Date To Be Determined) Add Sunday School / Choir / Other Small Groups
Changes and Recommendations to Be Aware Of for the 10:30 AM Sanctuary Service
        • Please make every effort to follow the recommended social  distancing guidelines of six feet.
      • Face masks are not required but are still recommended as a helpful COVID-19 deterrent.
      • Doors will be propped open before and after the worship service.
      • Seating will be on every other pew.
      • Family groups are asked to sit together.
      • Spacing between different family groups on the same pew should be six feet.
      • Hymn Books / Bibles / Envelopes will not be in the pews.
      • Offering receptacles will be at each of the exits.
      • A nursery will not be provided, but all children are welcome in the worship service.