Information on Update to “Safer At Home” Resolution Concerning Masks
In light of the recent updates to Governor Kay Ivey’s “Safer At Home” order, we are asking that our Church members and guests wear a mask as you attend our Sunday morning worship gathering and other smaller meetings as well. Once the worship time or other meeting has begun and appropriate social distancing has been observed, the mask may be removed if necessary. You may bring your own mask or use one of the disposable masks provided in in each of the foyers. Thank you for showing your concern for the heath of others as you help us in this way.

Stages for Regathering
     The ministry leadership at E.B.C. has been working diligently to put together a plan for regathering. In light of the recently updated health dept. recommendations, we have resumed gathering in the sanctuary for Sunday morning Worship Celebration at 10:30 AM.
     However, we realize that there are those who still have valid health concerns about gathering with a large group. If you are in the “vulnerable population” category and would feel more comfortable with a little extra distance, we recommend that you join us through our online service that will still be available on our church website: EBCINCHRIST.ORG.
Stages for Regathering
    • Pre-Stage – 10:00am Drive-In Sunday Service
    • Stage 1a – May 24th & May 31st (9:00 AM Drive-In Service & 10:30 AM Service in Sanctuary)
    • Stage 1b – (BEGINNING JUNE 7th) 10:30 AM Sanctuary Service Only
    • Stage 2 – (BEGINNING AUGUST 12th)
        • Wednesday Night Bible Study & Prayer (6:30pm – Sanctuary)
        • Wednesday Night Youth Worship (6:30pm – Gym)
    • Stage 2a – (BEGINNING OCTOBER 4th) 9:15 AM Sunday School
    • Stage 3 – (Date To Be Determined) Choir / Other Small Groups
Changes and Recommendations to Be Aware Of
for the 10:30 AM Sanctuary Service
        • Please make every effort to follow the recommended social  distancing guidelines of six feet.
      • Face masks are not required but are still recommended as a helpful COVID-19 deterrent.
      • Doors will be propped open before and after the worship service.
      • Seating will be on every other pew.
      • Family groups are asked to sit together.
      • Spacing between different family groups on the same pew should be six feet.
      • Hymn Books / Bibles / Envelopes will not be in the pews.
      • Offering receptacles will be at each of the exits.
      • A nursery will not be provided, but all children are welcome in the worship service.